Plans for 2018

Hello Everyone!

We're in the beginning stages of 2018 and everything seems alright so far. 

I have some plans for 2018 and here they are:

// Just do me on Social Media. I feel like in 2017, I made a lot of art to stay current or to gain followers on Instagram. I was planning projects daily to post on Social Media instead of taking my time and really letting a project grow.  

// Remember that digital art is fine art. I love digital art. When I found Illustrator something just clicked inside my head. My art has evolved so much using the digital medium, but sometimes I get down on myself for using a "fleeting" medium. So, in 2018 I need to remind myself that digital art is fine art.   

// Have fun. All major projects in 2018 will be based around what I want to do. Paintings, digital, screen prints, etc. I want to start having fun with art again.

// Eat better, lose weight, feel good. This one is pretty self explanatory. I need to focus on my health also. Yoga, diet, and meditation. Remember that mental health is connected to physical health.    

Hopefully I will complete these so called "Resolutions". I need to see some positive change in myself and my art. 

Heres to 2018.